Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fantastic cookbook!

Clean Food by Terry Walters is a fantastic cookbook. It is a great resource for those just starting the vegan lifestyle and includes some fantastic recipes. Many of the cookbooks that I have bought were hit and miss. This one is definitely a hit.

The first 35 pages of the book tell you how to eat a clean, balanced meal, gives you how-to's on cooking grains and legumes and defines, as well as, offers you the benefit of most ingredients that you will run into as a vegan. In the recipe portion of the cookbook, Terry Walter's, separates her recipes into their ideal seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and some recipes for just anytime.

The best part about the cookbook for me, and the reason that I recommend it to you, is that it gives you an understanding for what goes best with what. For example, aduki beans go best with winter squash and millet goes particularly well with corn (a bean and a grain that I had never heard of before I became vegan). When cooking with ingredients that you know nothing about, cooking can be very difficult.  This was what I struggled with the most when cooking. I have found this book to be a good resource to have.

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