Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sentient Bean

The Sentient Bean
Over Labor Day weekend I went to Savannah with my boyfriend Jack. Savannah is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We took our bikes and rode around all weekend. It is so much more relaxing on a bike than in a car. We hung out in the park, took a tour of the historic district and went on a late night ghost tour to name a few things.
Inside the Sentient Bean
Prior to the trip I planned out meal plans. We brought most of our meals with us so we could picnic wherever we went each day. Of course, the fun of going on a trip is finding places that have vegan menu items. I looked for a place that didn't offer items that I could just go to the grocery store and make at home. The last time I was in Savannah we went to The Distillery and got vegan black bean burgers. They were good but I can make that at home. This time, after reading a ton of reviews, I came across a restaurant called The Sentient Bean. Online it looked like they were a cafe that offered baked goods, which is better than nothing.  Jack and I planned on going there the first day we got there for breakfast.  By the time we got ready and put our bikes on the car it was 10:30. Make some room for getting lost (I was stubborn and didn't use the GPS) and we got there at 11.
Our table number
The place was very cool on the outside. There were benches outside where people and their dogs were hanging out. Large landscapes of beautiful flowers were lining the sidewalk out front. The inside was just as cool. Lots of bright colored walls that were covered with artwork from local artists.
We stood in line planning on ordering a coffee and some king of baked banana loaf or pumpkin loaf. It was Jack who noticed that on the wall to our left were a whole bunch of papers that listed the menu items for the day.  Low and behold there were vegan items on the menu.

 They had a vegan parm and a BBQ tofu wrap. Jack got the parm and I got the BBQ tofu wrap. They gave us a number which was very cool all on its own. We ordered some iced tea out of their large selection of teas and found a table.

The place had free Wi-fi, it seemed all of Savannah had free Wi-fi, so Jack and I planned out where we were going to go for the day. It took about 10-15 minutes to get our meals and let me tell you, they were both fantastic. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who goes to Savannah. Also, while I was there I found out that there is a health food store next door that offers vegan meals as well. They were closed so I can't really tell you anything other than that.  

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